A competent partner for aluminum, magnesium and zinc products

We work with everything from castings to finished products including cutting, surface treatment, assembly and painting.

Quality & delivery precision

We are constantly working to deliver products and services according to customer requirements.

Long-term relationships

We aim for long-term relationships with our customers.

Close cooperation

We work with our customers to develop prototypes and then move on to series production.

Our services

Custom-made products – from initial proposal to finished product.


Die casting is suitable for producing thin parts and components with high demands on the surface of the components, and this process is suitable for medium and high volumes.

Gravity die casting

Die casting is suitable for many types of products both with simple and with complex shapes, advantages of this method are reduction of porosity.

years of experience

International Aluminium Casting - A qualified aluminum foundry with a long history.

IAC is an aluminum foundry that, through long experience, has built up a solid competence for die casting and press casting. We work with everything from castings to finished products, including machining, surface treatment and assembly.

Quality & sustainability

We work to create a good working environment for our employees and to always deliver according to customer requirements.

Our latest news

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