Production resources

Production resources

Production resources

International Aluminum Casting works with castings from initial proposal to finished product. We work with our customers to develop prototypes and then move on to series production.
We have a high level of added value through machining, surface treatment and assembly.


We melt aluminum using melting furnaces. We clean the metal using N2 and improve its properties and prepare it for production.


High pressure casting

High injection molding machines. 36 machines with locking force from 200 – 2 750 tons. Cast 0.01-20 kg.

Melting capacity >8 500kg/h

CNC machining. 34 milling and 11 turning machines.

Surface treatment. Powder coating in-house and subcontracting.

Gravity die casting

Permanent moulding/weak moulding.

12 die-casting machines. Weighted from 0.5 – 30kg.

Heat treatment. Capacity of 2000kg/h

CNC machining. 23 milling and 11 turning machines.

Production of sand cores. Capacity 600 kg/hour, with core sizes from 50 mm to 900 mm.

Heat treatment

The process is used to improve the mechanical properties of castings. The main method we use is T6.


After casting, and probably heat treatment, we process the castings according to the customer’s wishes.

We have about 40 multi-operation machines: horizontal, vertical and 5-axis. We also have a number of CNC lathes at our disposal.


According to customer needs, castings are assembled into a finished product.

Powder coating - In-House