International Aluminium Casting works with castings from first idea to finished product.

Together with our customers, we develop prototypes and then move forward to serial production.

We have a high degree of added value by machining, surface treatment and assembly.

Central melting
We melt the aluminium with propane gas furnaces.
We clean the metal with N2 gas and refine it ready for the production.

Sand core manufacturing
We have two mould techniques, Shell cores (Hot Box) and Beta-Set (Cold Box).

The size of the cores with existing equipment is between 50-900 mm in length and with weight from 50g to 5 kg.

High Pressure Die-Casting
Machines with clamping force from 100 to 2 750 ton

Gravity/ Tilt Die-Casting
Standard and special machines.

Heat Treatment
This process is used for increasing of the mechanical properties on the castings.

After casting, and eventually heat treatment, we machine the castings according to customer requirements.We have over 40 machining centres, horisontal, vertical and 5-axis. We have also a number of CNC lathes.

From customer needs, we assemble the casted components to finished products.